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Clan Ewing: Tartan

Click here to visit the Ewing Family Association


To order cloth or garments in Ewing tartan, please go to the Tartan Garments page.

The design for this tartan has been guided by our history, to create a tartan that is unique and distinctive and which reflects Ewing tradition. A plaid of sax ellis of reid & blak cullerit claith - 'six ells (or yards) of red & black coloured cloth' - was among the prized possessions of one John Ewing in Heiddykis of Kirkmichael, Dumbarton, who died in 1609. This rare description of a seventeenth-century tartan was the starting point for the current design. The evenly-balanced squares, and the double-stripe through the middle of the red squares are typical features of tartans for clans and districts closely associated with Ewing history.

Clan Ewing Tartan

If you would like to order cloth or ready-made garments in Ewing tartan please click here for styles and prices.

Over the years, many Ewings have acquired kilts reflecting recent affiliations with either MacEwens or MacLachlans. Kilts don't come cheap, and these former associations are a part of our clan's history. So if you already own a kilt that's not in our own clan tartan, there's no reason why you shouldn't continue to wear it with pride as a member of Clan Ewing. But of course, we'd be delighted if you want to swap to the new Clan Ewing tartan - here.