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Clan Ewing: Tartan Garments

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This page is a guide for clansfolk ordering cloth or garments in Ewing tartan.

Currently, all garments are made in 13oz Medium Weight 'Braeriach' tartan fabric woven by Lochcarron of Scotland; the pattern repeats every 6 1/4 inches or slightly more.
All prices are listed in Pounds Sterling (GBP) - please check the current exchange rate to convert to other currencies.

You can order cloth or ready-made garments by email from After your order is received, you will receive a PayPal request from this address.
Garments are all individually made in Scotland, and can take several weeks to arrive.

Cloth @ £49/metre (£45/yard)
This is 13oz Medium Weight 'Braeriach' tartan fabric, woven by Lochcarron of Scotland.
NB because the cloth is woven to double width, the amount needed for an 8 yard kilt is usually equivalent to 4 yards (3.7m); please ask your kiltmaker before placing your order.


  • Kilt (8 yard full) @ £350
  • Kilt (5 yard casual) @ £210
  • Child’s Kilt @ £70 - £88 (children’s sizes only, as set by manufacturer)
The important measurements for a kilt or skirt are waist, seat and length; height measurement is usually also given. For more detail on how to measure see this page:
Children's kilts and kilted skirts are made with an elasticated waist and with extra length sewn into the waistband to allow for growth.

Illustrations show garments in other tartans.
Yours will be made in Ewing Tartan.

Other garments:

Neck Tie @ £20

tartan necktie
Waistcoat @ £99
Waistcoats are made to your Chest measurement and can be Short Regular or Long.

tartan waistcoat
Tam o’ Shanter @ £22
tartan tam o shanter

Plaids and Sashes:

Fly Plaid @ £64

tartan flyplaid
Mini Fly @ £36

Mini Fly Plaid
Ladies' Sash @ £30

Ladies' Tartan Sash


Please supply measurements for Waist & Hip, and required Length of skirt.

Kilted Skirt @ £128

Kilted Skirt
Mini Skirt @ £108

Mini Skirt
Hostess Skirt @ £172

Hostess Skirt
Semi-Kilted Skirt @ £162

semi-kilted skirt
Laura Skirt @ £100

Laura Skirt
Fiona Skirt @ £132

Fiona Skirt
Billie Skirt @ £91

Billie Skirt
  • Child’s Skirt/Kilt @ £70 - £88 (children’s sizes only, as set by manufacturer)

Capes & Shawls:

Shawl (57” x 57” / 145 x 145cm) @ £70
Serape (57” x 72” / 145 x 180cm) @ £95
Edinburgh Cape @ £170
edinburgh cape

If you'd like to order cloth or ready-made garments, please email with your requirements.