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Clan Ewing: Y-DNA

Click here to visit the Ewing Family Association


The Ewing Y-DNA Project was established by David Neal Ewing and is hosted by the Ewing Family Association.

Y-DNA passes down through the male line alone from father to son. It changes slowly and remains recognisable from one generation to the next.

The Ewing Y-DNA Project has now gathered DNA from a large number of Ewing men, and has identified several Ewing ancestral lines. Perhaps the most surprising finding is just how many of us are part of the same 'closely-related group.' It's very likely that the other Ewing lines are equally closely related through marriage in earlier times, but there's no way to show this through Y-DNA.

Ewings in the 'closely-related group' carry the DNA supposedly associated with descendants of King Niall of the Nine Hostages, which could confirm the legendary origins of our clan.

To find out more or to participate yourself, visit the project online:

Don't be put off by the science - your results will be explained in layman's terms we can all understand!